What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

Reviewing every Google phone ever made!

0:00 What is a Google Phone?
1:06 The G1/Dream
3:30 Nexus One
5:35 Nexus S
7:00 Galaxy Nexus
8:40 Nexus 4
9:51 Nexus 5
12:00 Nexus 6
14:33 Nexus 5X
15:03 Nexus 6P
16:04 Google Pixel
18:16 Pixel 2
20:09 Pixel 3
21:30 Pixel 3a
22:44 Pixel 4
24:14 Pixel 4a
26:00 Pixel 5
27:24 Pixel 5A
28:03 Pixel 6
30:33 What is a Google Phone?!

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  • Pickletehdromer

    The OnePlus line would be absolutely fascinating. They’ve had such a bizarre history, it would be really fun to see a retrospective from you. I actually bought a OnePlus One based on your review! It was a toss up between it and the Nexus 5, and to this day I still feel the One was the better choice at the time.

  • Serial Killers Documentaries
    Serial Killers Documentaries

    You should do the history of mobile phones :) From that 2 kgs brick to that tiny Panasonic G series and back to bricks.

  • Richard Craig
    Richard Craig

    Absolutely would love to see a Galaxy S video! Especially the weirdness with the S1 and S2 and how carriers in the US still required "unique" phones with different styles and names. The Galaxy S3 was the first really HUGE Android phone that was unified in name and branding and design, something that truly stood up to iPhone.

  • Alexander K
    Alexander K

    The Nexus 6P blew my mind at the time.

  • isbey

    One of the most underrated phones was the Pixel 3. The awkward choices that Google made for the Pixel 3 XL really overshadowed what a slam dunk the Pixel 3 was. It had everything you could possibly want in a phone at the time. Dual front facing stereo speakers, two selfie cameras, regular and ultra wide, a single perfect main camera, and probably the best thing about it, it was the last phone to have a standard bezel. No notch, no hole punch, just a normal damn screen.

  • Jesse Gower
    Jesse Gower

    Would love to see a video on the windows phone line! So much to unpack there. I’d really like to have a better understanding of why they couldn’t get it to take off. It was honestly a very stable OS and a great pairing to what Nokia was doing at the time.

  • JackBauer137

    The Nexus 5 was insane for the price. It just had a bad loudspeaker

  • Jobney

    I always considered the Moto X to be a "google phone." It felt like an early attempt to make what the pixel is today. A phone that runs google's version of skinned stock android. It felt different than what Samsung did with its skins. My wife's Samsung phones with Touchwiz always seemed to have unnessisary changes vs stock android that didn't improve functionality and often felt unintuitive when I had to help her with her phone.

  • Nathan Budd
    Nathan Budd

    I'd love to see a timeline walkthrough for iOS and Android, including how the integrated with their respective Eco-Systems. Eg, when does Google introduce Hangouts vs iMessage for Apple. When do each get NFC...

  • melina

    I‘d love to see a S-line version, especially with the … more interesting recent changes in the line up (going from cheap to high quality to partially cheap again over time)

  • Don M
    Don M

    I loved my OG Nexus 5 (2013). It was a great design that wasn't a huge phone in terms of thickness, but had a pretty good sized battery capacity for its day. It was a clean design which made it "boring" but that also meant it didn't stand out in an obnoxious way and didn't look old. Heck, it still looks like it'd pass as a semi current phone now.

  • 1c2reative

    About year and a half ago had a chance to see and play for a while with the Nexus 6P. This phone was ahead of its time. Huge, almost unnecessarily huge. But combined with a nice display and software that still runs smoothly - there just something about it

  • Rene Ritchie
    Rene Ritchie

    Love these. I've owned the Nexus One and Nexus 4, and Pixels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Hype to see them all back to back to back like this!

  • Zazh

    These videos have both been so informative following phones from their beginnings to their current iterations, but how about doing a video on a failed line of phones? The main one that comes to mind that I would be interested in hearing about would be the HTC One line from beginning to their eventual end.

  • phillip smith
    phillip smith

    I absolutely loved my Nexus 4. I love the sparkly glass back so much I had to get a bumper case that was clear in the back. The screen was a little small but crystal clear and perfectly adequate for the time.

  • Ross Lemon
    Ross Lemon

    The Nexus 6 was easily one of my most favorite phones I've owned and even people who weren't tech enthusiasts loved the phone. One dude told me "Bro, that's a badass looking phone."

  • John McCracken Jr
    John McCracken Jr

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the Palm Pre phone, Palm brand, and their Web OS software. The Palm Pre was suppose to be the iPhone killer. Their Web OS was actually brilliant but lacked any apps or App Store. I had this phone right before my first iPhone. It was the closet thing to an iPhone I was able to achieve at the time. Still a great phone. Pebble/organic design, compact, had a mirror on the back for selfies after you slid the screen up. It was shown in the TV show Heros as “the it phone”. Let’s not forget their CREEPY commercial though. Watch that with the lights on. It def had major flaws too. Sharp edge by the keyboard that would slice any finger, tiny tiny buttons, small screen (I didn’t mind then), and no store or processing power. Anyways, thank you for your consideration and for the time to read this if you did. I hope I will see a vid on this phone from you in the future.

  • Chad
    Chad28 วันที่ผ่านมา

    As a 1st time pixel owner of the p5, I'm glad to see the direction they are going. The p7 will be very interesting to see how they improve over the 6.

  • Katherine

    Love these. I'm in the market for a new phone and the Pixel is on top of my shortlist

  • Alberto Sanchez
    Alberto Sanchez

    I've owned most of these swapping to the galaxy series in between and I have to say the nexus phones were some of my favorites. Even though it's hilariously big the Nexus 6 has been my most overall loved phone I've ever had. 4XL was also far more useful than people think. Now that I have the Pixel 6 I have to say I'm probably not switching out anytime soon.