Pixel 6/6 Pro Review: Almost Incredible!

Finally. A Google flagship. Pixel 6 is the real deal!

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Phone provided by Google for review.


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  • Bryce Edward Brown
    Bryce Edward Brown

    Huge fan of the visor look, definitely separates it from other smartphones

  • 8181k

    I love this guy. Well deserved success for his effort and integrity.

  • Nit3H8wk

    You can speed up the fingerprint reader by going into settings, display and enable increase touch sensitivity.

  • (:poooooooooo🤬🚫

    He is an outstanding reviewer. Best I know on THmy. Here he has really picked out what matters whereas other reviews fail to get there. I have bought this phone because of the text processing, hardly mentioned elsewhere. That is the feature that makes this phone so important.

  • fergyfilms

    My quick take: the biggest issue with Pixel 6 is the camera processing problems & battery. However, there is 0 chance that Google doesn't drastically improve the camera software via updates as they have always done. I also wonder if the Tensor battery problems could be drastically fixed via a software update. If so, than the Pixel 6 might really be an amazing phone in a few months.

  • Jairo Morales
    Jairo Morales

    I think the pixel 6s capability to condense high contrast image without blowing the image out is amazing, it looks weird on some pictures causing the over the top HDR effect but we're talking about information retention here, a blown out image looks more natural but it has a less fine color gradient to work with, the same effect can be achieved fairly easily in post production since the look is essentially replicating information loss. (Just mess with the contrast and blacks and whites)

  • ivoxweezy

    Marques’s intros are getting so good that companies can use them directly as advertisements

  • Paul Stefanski
    Paul Stefanski

    Just got my 6 Pro - 24 hours in, I love it. It surprises me that none of the tech reviewers are talking much about the speakers. This is the first Android I've had that rivals iPhone speakers.

  • 13dma1rz

    Nice review. I like your presentation style. I just got my Pixel 6 Pro yesterday and after seeing a number of reviews was prepared for it to feel huge in my hand. I have average sized mitts and it really doesn't seem that large compared to my Pixel 5. Really easy to set up. No complaints so far.

  • Clock Work
    Clock Work

    The quality of your videos is insane Marques. Hands down top channel for tech on THmy, possibly ever.

  • K10YSR

    Somethings I really dislike about Android 12 is the circle icons and also the lack of of the Vibration icon when your phone is set to vibrate only.

  • Nicholas Jallan
    Nicholas Jallan

    Thanks a lot for this complete and honest review. It seems to me it’s the best review i’ve seen so far, with a very fair-play mind when comparing with iPhone. Great job !

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    Even though photos may look a tad too tonemapped sometimes, I bet in the blind photo comparison, average person will pick those vs flat realistic shots

  • Geoff's Webpages
    Geoff's Webpages

    My top 3 favorite features: the fast speech to text recognition, background music detection and the magic eraser function. Awesome!

  • Freddie Hernandez
    Freddie Hernandez

    As someone who has used the regular pixel 6 for a few weeks now, the battery life is more than sufficient and does not take away from the experience!


    Love pixel and where it's going. I have 3 and 5. There are tons of People that would love to see the new hardware in a smaller form factor. I believe a good sweet spot would be 6.1 or 6.2 for that magic spot option. Which is still a very decent screen size. Good all rounder. Big market.

  • James Andrew
    James Andrew

    Marques consistently produces the most impartial reviews I've ever seen. They are always so spot on and focus more on the important stuff that people ought to care about. Best reviewer out there!

  • Ruddy Games
    Ruddy Games

    wish he would explain more about the battery life, im getting 8-10hours+ screen on time for pixel 6 and ive seen battery tests showing the pixel doing extremely well, like 11 hours of youtube on one charge. Was it simply down to him having a pre patched version? seems insane to me you could only get 3 hours

  • Team APS
    Team APS

    Just got my 6 Pro in the mail today and couldn't be happier! Incredible review Marques. That intro was just *chef's kiss*!

  • Peter Van Horn
    Peter Van Horn

    Awesome review. Thanks for all the info. I would enjoy learning how the battery capacity degrades over time. I still own an original pixel and have replaced the battery twice. It’s due for another replacement but I am now thinking about getting a new pxl6.