Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel!

PLAID Model S is stupid fast. And is better built than ever. But that yoke tho

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  • 0ldB0y

    Me as a broke and poor person that I can't afford a bicycle, watching carefully the video of Marques and very worried about the steering wheel problem :)

  • Hemal

    Imagine having a car that is almost perfect except the steering wheel.. lol

  • AJ Haywire
    AJ Haywire

    The thing about classic wheel with stalks is I can indicate, use the horn and wipers immediately regardless of the steering wheel position. Not being able to do any of these at an instant is alarming.

  • George Bethanis
    George Bethanis

    The tesla steering "wheel" looks good, but is dangerous as fuck. The classic round steering wheel is a better design because it enables you to grab the steering wheel from any angle. Its more accessible, especially when you need to quickly grab the wheel with both hands to do a last munite maneuver to avoid something.

  • TruthBy Design
    TruthBy Design

    Man, I don’t often envy the luxuries that wealth affords (mansions, boats and the like) but the new Teslas make me feel a slight pang of regret that I can’t afford to experience this amazing tech.

  • Jason Bodenheimer
    Jason Bodenheimer

    I always appreciate your clear, balanced reviews, MB. You are so thoughtful and well spoken. If I ever had the balls to create a THmy channel reviewing the tech that's part of my daily handle, I will spend a serious amount of time reviewing all the fantastic parts of how well your channel works.


    My only concern is that steering wheel. I wish Tesla gives an 200$ optional add-on to swap that to make people like me comfortable while driving and not feel like an alien ship pilot :)

  • A2KLAU

    I think you're a Tesla product manager's dream if you were on the panel before they made these design decisions, but it's never too late to iterate and bring out more consumer choice. Super insightful feedback and love the delivery of it!

  • Seth Steiner
    Seth Steiner

    My neighbor has one of these, and gave me a ride today. It’s absolutely INSANE. I think the interior is awesome, the yoke is so-so, but otherwise the tech is amazing. Not to mention it’s incredibly quick. I felt the blood shifting to the back of my body. You can pull a G on a public road. THAT is madness.

  • Daniel Ortego
    Daniel Ortego

    Another great review so thanks for posting! Consideration for a departure from a wheel has been discussed since drive-by-wire was introduced. I wish I could find the source, but there’s been talk of introducing a joystick similar to what you see in some newer aircraft. So yes, designers have ‘presumably‘ toyed with how to implement left and right-hand (dual stick) modes. The only drawback that I found in this omitted video assessment is the costs.

  • Sherron Rogers
    Sherron Rogers

    Great review! You hit every single major point (positives and drawbacks) of the new model S - I agree with all of it. The yoke steering definitely takes getting used to, but it does make driving a little more fun IMO.

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips

    Great video! Like you said, the Tesla fit & finish makes it a hard pass for me. I would have thought they would have concentrated on a true luxury model with all of the upcoming competition. As it stands, the Mercedes EQS and Lucid Air would be on my short list. I suspect the "yoke" will go away in time as it looks ridiculous.

  • Brooks Holt
    Brooks Holt

    I expect 3rd party steering wheels being real popular to combat a lot of these yoke and touch button issues. If they can be retrofitted and function 100%.

  • Juuk

    If someone uses the horn at me in a plaid I'm going to die of laughter knowing how cute they look pressing that button 🤣😂

  • Badabing
    Badabing6 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Love how innovative Tesla and Elon is in general. But sometimes there just is no reason to full reinvent the wheel.

  • Joe Spavin
    Joe Spavin

    A really great review Marques. First time on this channel and impressed with your knowledge and thoughts on the Plaid. Keep up the good work.

  • Bright Right Info
    Bright Right Info

    When I started watching I had lots of thoughts in my mind about the steering's design, horn, and buttons and I was also thinking about our mind who does not has practice of this. But you discuss and explained everything very well. Thank you!

  • Steven Dumont
    Steven Dumont

    Marques, I'm a newcomer to your channel. Man, you are very thorough, very honest, and very real in your day-to-day reviews of EVs...Loved the F-150 Review, Loved the Rivian review, and loved this review. Great job staying objective for the weary and interested but more importantly to yourself! Great Job young man!

  • DragTimes

    Congrats Marques, the steering wheel buttons stress me daily.... should have placed the blinkers like Ferrari does, and some more buttons on the back of the steering wheel that could be customized, forward, reverse, etc...

  • Ken King
    Ken King

    Hey Marques, what a great video! You covered almost everything I was curious about but I have 2 questions: Is the yoke completely adjustable so that you can raise or lower it as well as in and out? I guess I could Google that but hearing it from you would make it more trustworthy. Also, how is the sound system? Thank you!