Why Does This $10,000 Gucci Xbox Exist?

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  • The Groovy Guitar Dude
    The Groovy Guitar Dude

    The beginning unboxing is hilarious, Marques is so clearly NOT about it 😂

  • TheBird Intern
    TheBird Intern

    I like that they specifically sent this man a 10,000$ product and he's completely authentic about how this is a terrible idea. This is what ALL reviews should be and it's why I sub to the channel. Glorious.

  • Rodrigo Rios
    Rodrigo Rios

    Nearly every single one of the 100 units will be given away to influencers and brand ambassadors. The price tag serves no purpose other than to catch people's attention. Nearly all collabs mentioned by Marques in the video were on the development and commercialization of actual commercial products. This XBox/Gucci collab is on a marketing campaign. They are not promoting a commercial product. They are promoting their brands. The 100 units don't show as inventory in their books but as marketing expense instead.

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter

    It looks like someone wrote "xbox" in Microsoft Paint

  • yoink km
    yoink km

    just love how he was able to convey his disregard for this kinda stuff by keeping the unboxing unedited and awkward

  • Dash

    Imagine being rich enough to just casually spent $10,000 on an Xbox

  • Tithi

    The high amount of awkwardness made this video so extremely fun to watch :D

  • Devwardhan Kothari
    Devwardhan Kothari

    I love this man's honesty, he is so brutally honest that companies shall fear doing these meaningless collabs just because marc will critique them so hard for it.

  • mistersurve

    I love how he objectively reviews it, and how he doesn’t give a hoot about it.

  • bhagirath n
    bhagirath n

    The brand "MKBHD" is today strong enough to ever so subtly take a dig at mega giant like Gucci. But I guess that's what THmy offers, it brings a level playing field. Great video Marques!


    "And of course, there's no DISLIKES on this video" I felt that.

  • manjot singh
    manjot singh

    I just love the fact that the standard maintained by Marques is so high. While other youtubers / faux tech reviewers might go head over heels and approve of this overwhelming product,he probably well aware of the fact that the company might not send something like this again if he doesn't appreciate the product or company termed it as unnecessary.

  • descendency

    "There's no dislikes on this video." MKBHD is a savage.

  • c0dine

    I love how he talked faster during the cash-app segment to signify that he was told to say that stuff. It gives me a sense of security knowing that he would never try to pull the wool over our eyes or ever false advertise. This video signifies that entire message. Beautiful!

  • Liquid Flames
    Liquid Flames

    I'm so jealous of MKBHD's style and his whole brand asthenic is impeccably gorgeous. Also, his videos always make me feel like I'm just having a chat with him. It's like he FaceTimed me personally and is just telling me about this new thing. I say he makes a strong case for the best THmyr. Period.

  • Suave Tah
    Suave Tah

    This is why I watch this man, you can tell the logo or the price tag didn't stop him from saying how he truly felt 🙂

  • jamboree

    I kinda like the idea of it tbh I mostly keep my gaming console boxes for some odd reasons and in this case it’s a fun twist to the idea that it’s a box you can never throw away

  • Carrie Lancon
    Carrie Lancon

    I love the honesty in your reviews. I appreciate it.

  • Nuno Hipólito
    Nuno Hipólito

    Gucci: let’s send him a personalized case

  • Matthew Rumble
    Matthew Rumble

    Loving how honest this dude is after getting sent such an expensive product 😂 guess they aren't sending him stuff anymore