Smartphone Cameras vs Reality!

Thoughts on computational photography bending the definition of a "photo"
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  • Arthur Moore
    Arthur Moore

    I love these thought videos you make lately! Keep going!

  • Rene Ritchie
    Rene Ritchie

    Every camera basically building Photoshop right between the capture and print layers now...

  • zook79

    This video makes me think of the painted portraits people use to have to sit through for hours before photography was accessible. The folks requested a portrait and it was up to the artist to render the ideal image of that person even if it didn't reflect reality. If you look up different portraits of famous people from pre-1800s, portraits of the same person can look completely different depending on the artist. Same with sculptures. I think choice is most important here; give us the choice of what style we want our pictures in, whether it's completely raw or heavily edited.

  • The Groovy Guitar Dude
    The Groovy Guitar Dude

    As spooky as some of these features are, I think they are making good photography more accessible to those who are not "techy" or interested in learning traditional photography.

  • A Neutron
    A Neutron

    Okay so my take is this:

  • Iesha D
    Iesha D

    It's making me appreciate "traditional" point and shoot or DSLR photography more. At least I'll know that everything in the photo will be real. I went out to shoot landscape with my pixel 6 pro recently because I figured it would be an easier and more convenient than using my dslr. It was also a excited to try all the new cam features like motion blur. While the camera is probably good enough for taking impressive day to day photos with friends, it lacks so much compared to a DSLR when to comes to nature photography.

  • The Racing Monkey
    The Racing Monkey

    Felt like I was watching a mini Black Mirror episode...

  • Victoria

    I'm not OK with that. Thank you for this video, Marques. Never realized before now how crazy 'advanced' smartphone photo processing became. Editing apps are perfectly fine, but photo editing should not be automatic and hidden within the process of taking the photo. I prefer reality, as imperfect as it may be.

  • Unit 02
    Unit 02

    I was really hoping you would show more examples of these phones taking “real” pictures vs the ai enhanced ones

  • Percy Partu
    Percy Partu

    Your videos are so deep and well thought of, it's like everytime you make a video it's something we didn't know we needed. They are such eye openers. Well done 👍

  • StalePhish

    I think you mentioned a good phrase: they are "capturing a moment", they are not capturing a photograph. Most people are not photographers, artists, or scientists. They just want documentation of their

  • Alexander Ogilvie
    Alexander Ogilvie

    Great exposure of smart phone camera functions, interesting topic and commentary! What about the apps that we can use in smart phones that allow for manual controls, do they allow us to see at least the true performance of the components? Cheers to you and your team!

  • toadlguy

    I can’t wait till the latest camera feature will be “Real Mode” where it just takes a picture of what’s really there 🤪

  • Jorrit Stadelmann
    Jorrit Stadelmann

    I really like how smartphone camera features are improving. What I find really sad is that they got rid of the manual mode. I want to be able to turn features on and off, and manipulate the camera myself.

  • Graham J
    Graham J

    I like these types of features but want clear control over when they’re used. Sometimes I just want a sensor capture.

  • JoeGnahz

    Very good talk. I've already been pretty frustrated for years seeing more and more heavily edited photos all over the places. Reflecting the real world should always be the ultimate motivation of taking a photo in my opinion

  • Joel George
    Joel George

    Absolutely agree with you on this, smartphone cameras are far from reality these days (especially the front cameras)

  • Luke Schroeder
    Luke Schroeder

    For me I think a good camera captures a moment in time as accurately as possible. If the iPhone switches the whole picture over to the wide lens because thats best for the situation then I really don’t care. However, when all the crazy photoshop stuff happens with downloaded images and color adjustment for more vivid pictures that’s where I draw the line. The ability to do that should be 100% in the consumers hands not the software of the phone.

  • WhiteRabbit Channel #WRTECH
    WhiteRabbit Channel #WRTECH


  • liutang

    I did exactly this after getting my iPhone 13 Pro max from an iPhone X. I wanted to see which camera was which by covering the lens. I was really confused that covering the main camera would block the 3X image. Now this makes a lot of sense. I seem to recall that iPhone wanted to do auto macro too. I'm fine with computational photography, but at least give users the option to disable it.