Everyone knows the 1984 Macintosh computer was a game changer for the tech industry. But why was this particular computer so iconic? I learn how Steve Jobs and his team took on computer giants IBM, changing personal computing forever. Living legend Bill Nye the Science Guy joins me to play Asteroids on an original Macintosh. And fellow THmy creator and Apple expert iJustine explains why the 1984 Macintosh was able to beat its competitors.

0:00 The Macintosh
1:10 Unboxing a Macintosh
3:43 Talking Macintoshes
6:46 iJustine
12:35 Apple Vs IBM
15:20 Dope Or Nope with Bill Nye
20:48 Painting With The Macintosh
24:26 Lasting Tech Legacy


  • Loic Reviews
    Loic Reviews2 ปีที่แล้ว

    This is probably the best THmy Originals of 2019.

  • Liam

    The fact that Justine is 10 years older than marques is astonishing

  • Noob101Gaming Bruh
    Noob101Gaming Bruhปีที่แล้ว

    I died when he literally took the entire macintosh into a coffee shop. JESUS CHRIST, this guy is a legend and this is the reason that I subscribed to this channel.

  • Born Again
    Born Again

    You know computers have come a long way when grandpa has to show you how to use it lol

  • Vibb Kontroll
    Vibb Kontrollปีที่แล้ว

    Dude, you got a fistbump from Bill Nye the science guy. You officially made it, you can rest in peace now.

  • Enthusiastic Gamer
    Enthusiastic Gamer

    It must be a trip to have Bill Nye the Science Guy as your freaking guest on your giant THmy channel. Dude was a legend in Canada.

  • Hex_638

    Can we talk about how marques’ own production quality is basically as good, if not better than the production quality of this show

  • Andradé

    too many people are unaware on how influential Apple was to the entire personal computing industry early on; most think Apple's success started with the iPod or iMac but that was the start of their second wave of success

  • R.L. Dane
    R.L. Daneปีที่แล้ว


  • Sausageman

    Some dad somewhere: “why get a new one when it still works?”

  • Max W
    Max W

    I'm a retro loving guy and I'm drooling over the stuff that was in that warehouse! 🤤

  • darkwoodmovies

    Almost 40 years, I'm watching this on a Macintosh. Good job, Steve.

  • Garrett

    It's a shame Marques never got the opportunity to interview Steve Jobs.

  • Kasvini Muniandy
    Kasvini Muniandyปีที่แล้ว

    This is the best THmy video I have watched. History. Documentary. The platform and how a tech THmyr is doing this while collaborating with actual Apple employers, historians, experts, enthusiasts, educators and artists..

  • sanderdejong66

    Yes, I remember this. In 1984 I was a student, in The Netherlands. The Mac was incredibly expensive, no student could afford it. But the Computer Science department of the university had one and sometimes I could use it. I had my own 3.5” disk. The keyboard was fantastic, but this video actually taught me that it didn’t have arrow keys, I didn’t notice it at the time 😄 I recently bought a mechanical keyboard that reminds me of that Mac. In 2001 I bought my first Mac, it was a PowerMac with OS X.

  • Missblessed Godrememberme
    Missblessed Godremembermeปีที่แล้ว

    I’m a 70’s baby, And I use this Macintosh Computer in the 5th grade.... feeling old and proud right now lol 😂

  • Spicy Tuna
    Spicy Tunaปีที่แล้ว

    Marques: "The mice!"

  • Christopher Patrick
    Christopher Patrick

    They really missed a good Opertunity to get Steve Wozniak on the episode. He’s an awesome guy and he literally created the consumer computer

  • toaster
    toaster2 ปีที่แล้ว

    Marques just out-hipstered the hipsters at the cafe😂

  • B T
    B T

    The production value of this is so incredibly high I am shocked. This was a seriously good video. Well done to the whole MKBHD team