iPhone 12 Review: Just Got Real!

iPhone 12 is the first of a lot of things for the iPhone. It's pretty damn good.
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0:00 Intro
0:57 New Flat Design
2:17 Ceramic Shield
3:58 MagSafe
7:43 Battery Life
8:08 The Display
8:55 5G Just Got Real
12:30 New Cameras
14:21 HDR Just Got Real
16:05 iPhone Stuff
17:14 TL;DW

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Phone provided by Apple for review.


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  • Appsolutely Geek'D
    Appsolutely Geek'Dปีที่แล้ว

    Definitely agree with the battery drain, been testing the 5G here in Australia and wow it’s a drainer for sure

  • Eirik Terland
    Eirik Terland

    I planned an iPhone upgrade this year but I’m so impressed with Apple’s new eco friendly strategy that I will support their vision by not buying one at all.

  • Sytron

    To be honest with you, I'm glad Apple brought back the square-shaped version for the iPhone 12 ever since the iPhone 5.

  • bokoli167

    apple: no we are removing ports next iphone, charge with a magsafe.

  • Shawn Qi
    Shawn Qi

    I have always adored the sleek flat design of the 5/5s, glad it's back in 2020!

  • Andrew Crans
    Andrew Cransปีที่แล้ว

    I like how Apple chose to go back to the sharp edges retro look. Designs definitely go out of style and reappear years later for sure.

  • Coolmark

    Marques back at it with a banger

  • simone joubert
    simone joubert

    You have been one of my favorite THmy channels for a while now. Thank you for all the work you put in - you’re always professional yet entertaining.

  • Faizan Hashim
    Faizan Hashim

    When ever I need an honest review. I know Marques Brownlee will have it.

  • demonangel918

    I know the battery doesn’t have a difference between the 11 and 12, however for me. I finally was able to upgrade from an iPhone 6 and the battery has been life changing lol. At least when you compare it that way

  • Tysga Bish
    Tysga Bishปีที่แล้ว

    Apple in front of everyone: We want to be environmentally safe so no power brick will be included

  • Badr Salmi
    Badr Salmi

    Great review as usual! Although the big 5G push is mostly for China which is one of their best selling market and a must have feature if you want to compete there. For us in Europe or the US nothing groundbreaking just indeed an additional bunch of devices 5G ready!

  • Gadget Addict
    Gadget Addictปีที่แล้ว

    I wonder if the charge current reduces when using a non-magsafe case? Maybe you won't get the 15W anymore

  • Lawrence

    Best reviewer out there. I used to be a big Engadget fan, but MKBHD’s stuff is so much better. Very easy to listen to, makes a lot of great points I usually wouldn’t consider, and doesn’t try and overwhelm you with high level technical information. Keep up the quality content!

  • Ayaan Goswami
    Ayaan Goswamiปีที่แล้ว

    I am so glad to see the iPhone 12 finally after so long. I am impressed with its processor power along with its camera performance as well.

  • EJ Cookie
    EJ Cookie

    Great review and excellent thought on the oops, magsafe charging direction. Not everyone likes wireless everything, though the portless concept opens up room for more chip features.

  • Mr.B

    Upgraded from an XS so it was a good jump for me. I'm loving the 12 so far. Sure it's an iPhone so you know what to expect as you stated, but this screen is very nice, and so is the camera.

  • Sheikh Humayun Kabir
    Sheikh Humayun Kabir

    I must say mkbhd changed his way of reviews past few months....now it’s more grounded for common users....loving the new contents..keep it up 👍

  • Supra

    A wise man once said: “Glass is glass, and glass breaks”

  • mini dwarfdude
    mini dwarfdudeปีที่แล้ว

    The iPhone 5s is the most aesthetically pleasing phone Apple have ever made so happy they've adopted a similar design for the iPhone 12