RED V-RAPTOR Impressions: 8K 120fps!

The most powerful camera I've ever used. Note: V-RAPTOR's sensor, while it's the same size and resolution as MONSTRO, actually uses new silicon and therefore has new color science!
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  • WarChortle

    Aren't you afraid with a storm trooper edition you'll keep missing shots? :P

  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee

    Should I upload the 13 Pro review in full 8K?

  • TreyDay

    As someone who is watching in 720p, I appreciate the huge leap in quality.

  • FesliyanStudios Background Music
    FesliyanStudios Background Music

    Who else watching just for fun? Something we will never use :P

  • Eran Boodnero
    Eran Boodnero

    I understood like 8% of what you said but I enjoyed 100% of it.

  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh

    How nice of RED to give you the I/O built in instead of charging $2k for it. Great cameras but their accessory prices are just out of control.

  • Nima

    I can only imagine how high res video will be in 10 years...

  • Cole Farlow
    Cole Farlow

    I can’t even imagine how much storage 8k 120p takes. Gotta be like 1GB every few seconds lol

  • Tiver Music
    Tiver Music

    V(eloci)-Raptor. Since they're said to be fast predators, the naming makes sense. And it fits in with RED's lizard themed naming scheme.

  • Ryan Kane Fitzgerald
    Ryan Kane Fitzgerald

    V is fir the “Vista Vision” sensor. Historically a VistaVision film camera utilized the full frame 35mm film plane where most “Super 35mm” turned the film vertical and added an audio strip doen the side, effectively shrinking the film plain per frame.

  • bormat112

    Marques: It's weights 4 pounds

  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong

    Realize that watching a 30fps 1080p is literally 1/64th the data of 8K 120fps. Mind blown.

  • Brooks Holt
    Brooks Holt

    Me: I don’t need any new gear.

  • sharika momin
    sharika momin

    The "V" might obviously stand for Velociraptor as to say how crisp, "RAW" & sharp yet smooth the camera would perform even while in motion which also suggests it might also have a great stabilisation in that XL form factor & that might be one of the reasons why it's gonna be XL.

  • Christopher Barrett
    Christopher Barrett

    Once again something I can’t afford or want but I still really like to watch the videos just for the fact that your videos are so amazing and well done! Plus I like knowing the mind blowing tech out there

  • ricky v
    ricky v

    Good introduction to this camera. I’ve shot on a R3D camera and it is an intense work load. But the image quality is amazing and crisp.

  • Billy Noll II
    Billy Noll II

    Marques, I always marvel at how you handle your varied presentations. Great job, as always. What you do isn't easy. You might be the GOAT in this genre.

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan

    Cant wait to look back at these videos 10 years from now, seeing how technology has advanced, 8k 960fps will be common even on a smart phone

  • Filmy React
    Filmy React

    MKB8K 👍🏽

  • HonJazzz

    Although both cameras are 8K VV, the one in the Raptor is a new sensor design.