The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2021!

16 smartphones. You chose a winner. This is what you picked!
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  • Twin Tetas
    Twin Tetas

    Next year do a league format instead of knockout stage, so that every phone can be tested in every scenario. Would be more complete! Good video and idea nonetheless !

  • Super Song
    Super Song

    this is like an end-of-the-year show for me now... if Marques ever stops doing this im gonna miss it

  • SommeOne

    Would you consider doing double elimination in the future? That way the phone's won't be disqualified if they happen to present one scene uncharacteristically worse than usual (or the other phone does uncharacteristically well.) This method introduces bias simply due to the order the pictures are in (for example, if you had done the second photo first, we would probably have different results.)

  • Andrew Mercier
    Andrew Mercier

    Is there a chance for like a double elimination format in the future? I think this might help the phones that are more consistent with their photos make it further in the competition in case they lose in the 1 style of photo they are weak in.

  • Damien Grief
    Damien Grief

    I hope you guys do this again next year even if you do change the format up a bit. I love this every year.

  • John Cosgrove
    John Cosgrove

    Man, this took me for a trip down memory lane. For 4 semesters during 2006-2008 I was an electrical engineering co-op student at Sony Ericsson (working on/off for a semester instead of going to school). I got to know the camera team pretty well, and I ended up spending most of my time working for them. I took thousands of comparison photos across tons of prototype modules and phones just like this test, and every time we asked folks outside the team what their favorite photos were in a comparison, they always chose the bright, saturated ones. Funny to see how some things don't change.

  • This is Tech Today
    This is Tech Today

    I would love to see this where the Pixels aren't put up against each other right away but on opposite sides of the bracket 🙂

  • Liviu Preda
    Liviu Preda

    To be honest, sometimes I like the photos from my 3 XL more than my 6 Pro. Pixel 6 went to the extreme this year and makes the photos too bright exposing too much from the shadows and darker areas making them look unrealistic. Luckily there are the sliders to make the photo the way I want it, but it's annoying to change those every time I take a photo. I wish they would implement a way to have the settings saved permanently.

  • One Size Fits None
    One Size Fits None

    This is a great test, but I'd also like to see a similar experiment testing the selfie cameras of these phones, and especially the video capabilities of both back camera and selfie cameras of these phones. Testing both cameras' photo, video, and portfolio/night sight/etc capabilities would be a huge undertaking, but it would incredibly informative.

  • Train Me Please
    Train Me Please

    Please do this again next year. It is one of the most awaited videos all year. The only other that I look forward to more is the year awards. Keep it up!

  • C Muir
    C Muir

    "In all cases the brighter photo won" that said it all for me. Bright doesn't mean better in my eyes and much of the losers looked more realistic than some of the winners. That being said thanks for doing this for another year. It would be awesome to include more mid rangers and ditch the bracket system.

  • Cam Andrews
    Cam Andrews

    I absolutely love these videos. Please keep making them? I look forward to it every year.

  • DeSinc

    I'd like to see a points scoring system so phones like the pixel 6 aren't just knocked out straight away. this is definitely more of a hype way to run it but I think you sacrifice good results and get ultimately less useful data by eliminating phones

  • Scott Hanson
    Scott Hanson

    Please keep this a yearly video! By far my most favorite and anticipated video you make! Love the concept and love seeing the results year after year! Well done as always! Keep it up!

  • Steven Smalley
    Steven Smalley

    I agree that next year, every phone should compete each round! You guys should also post the results of just your crew doing the blind test as well!

  • Hiren Waghela
    Hiren Waghela

    one of my all time fav mkbhd videos !! I look forward to blind camera test every year!! :D

  • mollerbt

    C'mon guys please don't ever stop making these videos. These are one of my favorite videos that you guys make. It's always so fascinating to me how these play out. :)

  • Zac J
    Zac J

    This is very interesting as someone who does landscape photography half of these I personally wouldn’t agree on by a decent amount. But awesome to see how everyone has there own personal taste.

  • JSL Review
    JSL Review

    There should be a million dollar prize for anyone who fills out a perfect bracket.

  • Gissoj Onrust
    Gissoj Onrust

    Haha, love the outcome of these tests every year. Anyway, adding a losers bracket for next year would be my idea.. give the phones a second chance