Surface Duo 2: Can This Be Saved?

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is both better... and worse? Does this dual screen passport fold have a future?

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Phone provided by Microsoft for review.


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  • ivoxweezy

    wow the new Nintendo 3DS looks great

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham

    I think this does have a possible utility for the office environment. When I was working in a physical office, I would have loved to have this device for all my meetings. It doesn't take up too much space, I can review an agenda on one side, write notes, or work with my project management software on the other side. I could see it being additionally the perfect device for a business lunch, big enough for accessing and sharing key documents and information, but not as challenging as everyone with laptops or even large tablets. If they ditch the cell phone capacity, and the camera tech, focus on Microsoft productivity (lower the price) maybe they could possibly champion this as a portable business tablet... the focus being on business....though I did enjoy seeing how it can be used as a video game console.

  • Steveo Hooto
    Steveo Hooto

    It's a Microsoft product, so it's really in beta until at least version 3.

  • Kamil Studios
    Kamil Studios

    I think it is a great concept to have separate dual screens, but I can feel the annoying and impractical for everyday usage.

  • MediaCastleX

    I honestly feel like we didn't really need a camera for this stuff, perfectly fine with the way they had it before...they should make 2 versions for that kinda thing. 😅

  • Halim Kerim BAS
    Halim Kerim BAS

    The best thing about my Surface Duo was the perfect alignment of the two sides when it was closed or folded. I did not care about the camera because I rarely take pictures. I can safely say that if the first version were like this one, I would not purchase it. I also think that the $1400 price mark was too high. I bought the first phone for $1000 because I already knew that most people would not be willing to purchase a device like it. Basically, I knew that the price was going to come down. I assure anyone who wants this phone as well that the price of this one will not stay at $1400 either.

  • The Groovy Guitar Dude
    The Groovy Guitar Dude

    The novelty of a device like this is cool, but definitely not $1500 cool.

  • cynthia

    I feel like a lunatic whenever I say this but I adore the concept here. if I had the money to throw around on something like this I'd love to have one. just the thought of being able to do split-screen productivity tasks with that much screen real estate sold me the moment I saw it.

  • Kevin

    I really liked the design of the first duo. I think it has a price and immage issue. MS should have kept the design sleek and targeted Business customers as a second device.

  • Dezy Star & Heart String
    Dezy Star & Heart String

    I love The Microsoft Duo, I feel as though two more generation is going to be a well polish device

  • Tim Gardner
    Tim Gardner

    It seems like they've made Duo 1.5 here, it's got new hardware inside and the camera, but they must know that the bolt-on bump ruins the whole thing they were going for. They've released it now as is to keep the brand relevant and try to avoid it being called a failure, while a team works overtime on the next version with cameras better incorporated into the flat design.


    I really, really like the idea behind this device. The dual screen implementation is a neat idea and allows for some functionality candy bar and foldable phones don't have.

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon

    imma wait till a few months so I can get this for like 200 bucks

  • History Skills
    History Skills

    Just received my first Surface Duo today. I have owned am iPhone, various Samsung and Nokia Android devices and even a few Windows phones. The Duo 2 is amazing and I have loved using it more than any phone I have had in a long time. I was nervous after watching so many negative reviews, but I must say that the reviewers haven't done this device justice: it is a superb experience.

  • Peter Montague
    Peter Montague

    In my view whilst it was never sensible to brand the first one as "not a phone", it is definitely the case that the Duos are not for everyone and fit a certain use profile. And I think that's fine - provided the business case works out if the market for it is relatively small.

  • Freddie Joachim
    Freddie Joachim

    i recently got the surface duo 1 for the much reduced price. honestly, i love it. it's my secondary device next to my iphone 12 pro max. i rarely span apps across screens, more for using two apps at the same time. this isn't a foldable tablet, but more of a device with 2 screens. it's definitely not worth the full price tag for either models. seems like the 2 has the same small bugs at the 1. but overall the duo does exactly what i need it for, so i'm pretty happy with it. why can't it read external usb drives though?? i might be missing something, but haven't been successful.

  • Dick Kickem
    Dick Kickem

    I really, really wanted to like this thing. I'm an attorney, my firm uses Surface tablets for trials and hearings, and of course we use Office for everything. OneNote in particular is something that is enormously useful. So I really liked the idea of a Surface phone with two screens, because it seems like it would be a super great productivity device that would integrate perfectly with the rest of my firm's tech ecosystem. The Surface tablets are amazing and were a huge upgrade over the iPads we used to use, for our specific use case. But all the little quality of life issues that this device has is going to keep me with Samsung. The fact that it doesn't fold flat with the screen open in particular is a huge deal breaker for me, especially because there's no outside screen. I think if there was an outside screen it wouldn't be a big deal, but if I can't have it be flat in my pocket and still be able to glance at my messages, then it's a no-go.

  • V A Clemons, MD
    V A Clemons, MD21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Thanks for a great review. It gives me more to consider. I've used the duo for a bout a year and wanted to replace it with a duo 2. I really like the idea that it talks to my OneDrive, buggy at times, yes but good when I travel. What about the lack of Wifi calling? That was a great disappointment with the Duo. I cannot find information about the duo 2..

  • MuitoDaora

    Microsoft should stay with this design and thy to improve it. Specially in making the 2 displays come closer together. A seamless foldable with glass display is my wet dream.

  • Shilo